Follow-up on carry-on

Immediately after writing my previous post I flew Delta to Billings, Montana from RDU through Salt Lake City and snapped this photo at my connection gate, proof positive that Delta isn’t enforcing its own carry-on policy (at least not at SLC):



My own carry-on bag was considerably smaller but still technically illegal by one inch.


2 thoughts on “Follow-up on carry-on

  1. I am not surprised, I have seen the very same thing…even with people carrying more than one obviously oversized bag. The airlines erode their credibility when they do things like this while at the same time telling someone who did bring the correct sized bag that they have to check theirs.

    The other appalling thing is the obvious disconnect between the luggage manufacturers and the airlines with the regulation sizes. How it is that top of the line manufacturers are selling bags for cabin carry on that exceed the airline requirement by in many cases one inch? Wouldn’t it make better business sense to make something that complies?

    Further more, the Skyteam, Oneworld and StarAlliance carriers should have some consistency. Why should a Lufthansa premium flyer be able to have a different baggage allowance on Lufthansa than United? A United premium flyer have more baggage allowance on United than Air Canada? Isn’t the whole idea of an “alliance” to add some consistency to it?

    I just invested in new luggage – Briggs and Riley, in fact, and it is very good luggage. The carry on appears to comply with Air Canada’s carry on regulations, but not Lufthansa, American, United or Delta.

    The whole air transportation system is a mess because passengers, manufacturers, airlines and governments aren’t coordinating their efforts to a reasonable extent. How did the woman in your picture even get through security with such a big bag? Three things had to be in place for this to occur.
    -The airline had to let her onto the gate.
    -Security had to let her into the boarding area.
    -She had to make the decision to ignore the baggage regulations.

    This is three points of failure here. One of them should have kicked in and stopped it.

    We are headed into bigger and bigger messes until some people start to work together.

  2. Don’t you realize ‘they’ are more important than youOR they can’t read and won’t follow guidelines. Not road rage….boarding rage.

    Live aloha everyday.

    “Now it’s time to say goodbye, it’s time for one last toast. ……. No matter where I travel to…..Africa is in my blood, it’s in my heart and soul….Londolozi.”


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