United rearranges the deck chairs on its Titanic

I got a good belly laugh when reading that UA is improving its first class food on domestic flights (see http://online.wsj.com/articles/united-airlines-to-serve-up-improved-food-on-domestic-first-class-flights-1408629602).

This absurd decision by the airline’s so-called “management” is hubris with a capital “H”. Most business flyers loyal to United would beg the airline to spend its money making right its operation and drastically improving its schedule reliability ahead of serving a few more chilled sandwiches or pouring mediocre Prosecco.

5 thoughts on “United rearranges the deck chairs on its Titanic

  1. As a 1K million-miler, I disagree with you.

    This is one of the few positive things that the airline has done for years.

    Don’t get me wrong, they need to improve operations, but they need to be doing this, too. Their catering is improbably bad, and in and of itself, is driving passengers away.

    BTW, if you look at the major frequent flyer forums, you’ll find that most of the frequent flyers there are shocked by the positive move, and the principal criticisms are that they don’t go far enough to improve to the level of foreign carriers. I haven’t seen anybody but you post that they shouldn’t have done this because they needed to impose operations.

    BTW, do you even fly UA regularly? Aren’t you an AA Exec Plat? Are you aware of how bad the catering has been on UA?


    1. Greg,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I, too, was a 1K United flyer for many years. Finally in the mid 1990s I couldn’t take it any more of their flight attendants’ bad attitudes and stopped flying regularly on UA. I am a million miler on American and Delta (over 5 million on DL). I flew on Eastern and United in the sixties and seventies more than I did other airlines before AA kicked off the frequent flyer program craze in 1981 and started counting miles.

      I take no pleasure in dissing United and would fly more on them now if their operation improved. I take your point that the catering was abysmal and that any change is good. We each have our own opinions about what elements of flying are important to us. My point in comparing it to the Titanic was that–for me personally–keeping the ship afloat and on time is far important than better food on a flight that’s three hours late. No rational manager of any business, airline or other, would prioritize its problems the way UA did.

  2. Trying to use up my miles with upgrades, so – Business-first IAD-to-SFO. Served a “snack” consisting of a bag of chips and cheeseburger courtesy of 7-11. THIS is improved?? wowow– what WAS the previous domestic fare?

    Would have been nice to see a movie – couldn’t neck-crane enough to catch the TV Sitcom.

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