Kruger National Park in the context of South Africa’s challenges

I first discovered the magnificent Kruger National Park decades ago when I lived and worked in South Africa.  The internationally-renowned park is a treasure store of African flora and fauna, one of the planet’s most important conservation areas.  I just returned from another visit to Kruger, 12 days and nights. But South Africa is going through tough times, with many observers worried about the degradation of infrastructure and services in the country.

I have wondered if the problems might spill into South Africa National Parks, which runs all the country’s parks, including the Kruger. Mugabe’s government in Zimbabwe ruined the once-lovely Hwange National Park in that country, and I hoped that wouldn’t be repeated in South Africa.  My impression, based on the nearly two weeks I just spent in Kruger, is that so far that is not the case. To read my full report, click here and visit my Allen on Africa blog.

One thought on “Kruger National Park in the context of South Africa’s challenges

  1. Thanks again for your reports on the park and the country. Since my visit to Kenya in 1980, I vowed I would return one day to show my wife the animals and land of this part of the world. Being the consummate animal lover she is, I know it would be a highlight of her life. I save your emails since you appear to report with knowledge and insight and I look forward to your continued writings. Hopefully, within the next year, we’ll visit Africa. (I’ve never forgotten Kenya’s finest red clay dust deposited in everything, including my hair, after a day traveling the bush in a pop-top van). For now, it’s off to Japan for a tour, followed by the Rotary International convention in Seoul. Time to began steeling myself for LA to Osaka Monday. Regards, Barry Covington Jacksonville, Florida Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 22:21:53 +0000 To:

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