Lessons learned camping in Tanzania

When I was consulting and on the road 48-50 weeks a year, the need to depressurize when time off rolled around was imperative for my sanity.  I strove to choose wisely when planning in order to minimize stress and maximize enjoyment.  I may not be traveling these days like I did for decades, but those principles still apply to vacation choices.

Sometimes I choose my trips poorly, and when I do, I try to learn from my mistakes. I certainly erred last year (early 2016) when on an initial safari to Tanzania. Determined to have the East African experience I always dreamed of, I signed on to an alternative type of safari to Tanzania in February, 2016.

Read about may trip on my new blog, Allen on Travel. Part one of my report is here. You can read part two here.

3 thoughts on “Lessons learned camping in Tanzania

  1. A favorite memory of my ‘return to Botswana’ in 2010 was two only :<( nights in a tented camp in Moremi. I'd like to do that again.

    That said….I'm still hanging on to my 300mm Nikon lens and will lug it with me to VN next week….particularly for a trip to a Black Hmong market.

    Loved this blog. Thanks, Will

  2. Oh, thank you, Will Allen for this report.
    It took me right back to Arusha and Ngorongoro, and the Serengeti. I am so glad you had a better trip this year.
    Although most of our nights in Tanzania WERE in lodges, our last two nights were is a tented camp and that was great!! It was a permanent establishment but by far the most luxurious facility of our trip.
    Can’t wait for your second installment.
    Thanks. Joann Lamb

  3. I was a part of this great trip!! Dorobo did not disappoint and my expectations were certainly exceeded many, many times over. Great write up Will, you captured the magic.

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