In Hong Kong, no one needs to own a car except for vanity

JUNE 28, 2018 — I’m no stranger to the transit system in Hong Kong, having used it on trips to the city since the 1980s. However, on a recent six-day visit there, the purpose of which was to focus on the Hong Kong public transit network and operation, I was astonished at how well it works.

I’ve never used Hong Kong public transit exclusively until this trip, and I did it without even trying hard.  Public transit in Hong Kong is so good, I now realize, there is no need to drive or to take a private car or taxi.

During our six days in town, my wife and I made our way around 100% via transit, plus the use of our own feet. Our Hong Kong transit modes on that trip included ferries, double-decker buses, light rail trains, and subway trains (also called Rapid Transit trains). Read my complete report, about everything from the Airport Express to local buses, right here.


One thought on “In Hong Kong, no one needs to own a car except for vanity

  1. What an exciting article! Yes, the US is woefully lacking and stumbling along with no apparent relief in sight. As a New Yorker, I use the subways and buses a LOT, but the efficiency and convenience you describe would be a blessing. When I was in Hong Kong some years ago I was amazed at the orderly way people would line up to board a subway train. There were no “Bumble Bee Ladies” at that time, but there was no pushing or shoving the way there would be in New York. (Well, they wouldn’t line up in the first place, would they? :)) Thank you for a brilliant story!

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