Hurricane Florence Raleigh Report: Tuesday

Just when I thought Hurricane Flo was going to track north, the 11:00 AM NHS map showed the storm veering south again and aimed directly at Raleigh.

Then tonight’s 8:00 PM track looks similarly ominous for central North Carolina:

cone graphic

Depending on where the storm comes ashore, reports are warning that Raleigh could get 10-20 inches of rain.  Some forecasters say up to 30 inches, a dismal prospect.

So I braved the crazed shoppers at Harris-Teeter again this afternoon and snagged a bunch of just-restocked bananas, as well as butter, milk, and eggs.  Sure, we might lose power, but it’s better to have food than not to have it.  With the two loaves of wheat bread purchased last night, we now have the ingredients for French Toast.

A long queue tonight at the ABC Store (state-controlled seller of distilled alcohol products) in Cameron Village showed off some Raleigh folks’ brilliant hurricane planning. After all, liquor doesn’t go bad and needs no refrigeration, the perfect companion when the lights go out for a week and 30 inches of rain pours through the holes in your roof.

20180911_193500- ABC STORE

My cousin who abides in Norfolk sent this interesting meteorological analysis based on European models.  Friends familiar with the Euro models verified better accuracy compared to American forecasts.  The fact that Florence has tracked south again since last night lends credence to the hurricane track theory posited by “WX Risk” in his video, though his is at odds with the National Weather Service.

Of course there is a cacophony of advice on surviving the hurricane from every possible media source.  I perused several dozen articles today and didn’t find anything I didn’t already know.  One piece suggested checking car windows to make sure they are closed.


So far the best advice has come from a New Orleans friend who survived the long and deep trauma of Katrina.  She suggested laying in a good supply of old booze favorites, plus a bottle of something exotic and new for inventing a “Flo Cocktail” for all our friends—preferably high octane, she mused, so we can cheerily chirp “Whatever!” at everything Florence brings.

Thus inspired, I plan to go back to the ABC Store tomorrow to look for something weird and wonderful.  We already have a goodly supply of single malts, rum, and gin.

Most Raleigh schools and universities and businesses today announced closures, some starting at once, none closing later than Thursday afternoon.

Amtrak canceled most trains coming anywhere south, but that’s hardly surprising any more.  If a whisper of wind blows or a drop of rain or flake of snow falls, Amtrak stops operating.  Shameful, really.  Once upon a time trains reliably ran through any kind of weather.

The waiting is as stressful as the storm’s fury itself.  Hurricanes often defy forecasts just before colliding with land, so tomorrow’s supposed track could look quite different.

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