Hurricane Florence Raleigh report: Saturday-Sunday

With apologies for not posting a report yesterday, all continues to be well here. Most of Raleigh never lost power because the storm was pretty much a nonevent in Central North Carolina.  Sure, we got some modest 45 mph wind gusts and a bit of rain (see my measurements below), but Raleigh got lucky.

Yet 100 miles NE, E, SE, S, and SW, an epic catastrophe is still unfolding. 96 of 100 NC counties are under emergency orders due to water.

It is forecast to continue raining through Tuesday. Worst of all, NC rivers are now projected to crest Thursday or Friday, the Cape Fear River at nearly 30 feet above flood stage. Many areas in and around Fayetteville were ordered to evacuated yesterday. Similar dire flood conditions exists elsewhere.

Parts of I-95 flooded and the road is shut down in most of the state.  NCDOT is suggesting a detour for I-95 drivers way west through Tennessee and then back east in Georgia. Most roads in eastern and southeastern North Carolina remain impassable due to flooding and are closed.

Yes, Raleigh was spared the worst of it, but much of eastern North Carolina will be a long time–perhaps years–recovering from the massive flooding. It’s too early to know how badly the coastal barrier islands were battered. Early reports are that a lot of beachfront properties were severely damaged. We will know more when people are able to access the beaches.

Having grown up in eastern NC, and with family and friends scattered all over from New Bern to Morehead City/Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle/Swansboro to Topsail Beach/Figure Eight Island to Wilmington and its many beaches, I am suffering from survivor’s guilt this weekend and haven’t felt much like writing.  The long-term storm damage is devastating.

Rain in Raleigh at our house so far:

Thu to Fri night (about 36 hrs) = 2.0″

Fri night to Sat morning = 1.5″

Sat morning to Sun morning = 1.3″

Total to date = 4.8″

It’s overcast in Raleigh with a steady drizzle today (Sunday).



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