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Lesser-known Hong Kong by public transit

JULY 12, 2018 — During a recent trip to Hong Kong to research public transit, my wife and I spent a day on Hong Kong Island exploring much more than Central (the HK CBD).  Instead of the usual tourist places, I wanted to test out the public bus services to less well-known parts of the island where regular folks abide, including Aberdeen (west side of the island) and Stanley (south side). You can read my full report, including some amazing food options right here.

In Hong Kong, no one needs to own a car except for vanity

JUNE 28, 2018 — I’m no stranger to the transit system in Hong Kong, having used it on trips to the city since the 1980s. However, on a recent six-day visit there, the purpose of which was to focus on the Hong Kong public transit network and operation, I was astonished at how well it works.

I’ve never used Hong Kong public transit exclusively until this trip, and I did it without even trying hard.  Public transit in Hong Kong is so good, I now realize, there is no need to drive or to take a private car or taxi.

During our six days in town, my wife and I made our way around 100% via transit, plus the use of our own feet. Our Hong Kong transit modes on that trip included ferries, double-decker buses, light rail trains, and subway trains (also called Rapid Transit trains). Read my complete report, about everything from the Airport Express to local buses, right here.


Hong Kong hotel value with no loss of comfort, space, or convenience

JUNE 19, 2018 — Prepping for a recent six-day trip to Hong Kong to get smart on the city’s marvelous public transit system, I decided to go for broke on a nice hotel. After studying one of the finest properties Hong Kong has to offer and a near-best place not far away, I opted for a hotel I’d never heard of.  It proved to be an ideal property that met all my needs well, including the odd circumstances of my arrival and departure.

You can’t go wrong at the Langham or any of the great, big-name Hong Kong hotels. But here is the tale of the Madera, a wonderful Kowloon hotel unknown to most Americans, but well worth your consideration. Click here for the complete report.

Getting around in today’s Hong Kong

FEBRUARY 17, 2016 — I’ve always loved Hong Kong, a wild mixture of ultra-modernity and ancient Chinese mysteries and intrigue in a fairy tale setting of unsurpassed natural beauty. Despite being very densely populated (throngs of people are everywhere, impossible to avoid), it is a highly desirable place to live and work.

In Hong Kong recently with my family, my first visit there in 18 years, I noted with satisfaction some of the changes. From the 1980s through the 1990s I traveled on business to Hong Kong and never tired of its unceasing march to modernity, so I can’t say that I was surprised to see the city continue to vigorously renew itself. The transportation system has continually improved, too. Click here for my full report.

Cathay Pacific produces the premier, peerless, preeminent, paramount, perfect Premium Economy

JANUARY 5, 2016 — I’ve run out of superlatives thinking about how to describe my recent experience flying in Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy cabin to Hong Kong and back.  I had to dust off my copy of Rodale’s 1361-page The Synonym Finder to look under words like “best” and “premier” in hopes of creating a more exhaustive list of ways to praise Cathay Pacific for making 16 hour journeys in the stratosphere not just tolerable, but comfortable, even memorable.  Click here to read  how good the seats and service were.