About Will Allen

blogpixI was born and raised in the little eastern North Carolina town of Kinston way back in 1948. I have lived in Raleigh for fifty years, commuting from RDU around the country and the world both for my business (consulting) and for leisure. International travel is a special interest, in particular to southern African nations. I’m a big fan of classic jazz (1910-1945), 3-rail O-gauge model railroading, good red wine, the American West, waterfowl hunting, and saltwater fishing.

Email is will@allenheuer.com

4 thoughts on “About Will Allen

  1. Lessons forgotten. I’m surprised at you :>) We just flew HNL/Dallas/Bostonand Boston/ORD/HNL with full flights all ways. Worked around the dreaded 3 or 4 seat configuration on two of them by choosing aisle – across aisle from Bill. Long trip from home but participating in the 37th annual Great Schooner Race out of Camden,ME made us forget the travel woes. Bill got sent to another line while I breezed through the TSA precheck in Boston.

  2. Found your blog today and enjoyed it very much. We are headed to South Africa in September flying DFW/ATL/JNB/CPT. Will need to change airlines in JNB, is this difficult and is 2 hours enough time? Thank you

  3. I just discovered your blog and have enjoyed perusing it! I’ve been trying to look back at previous posts re Cape Town hotels – didn’t you review/recommend hotels at some point? If so, can you direct me to the post? I can’t seem to find it just by searching. BTW, we’re neighbors – I’m in Chapel Hill.

  4. Too bad you are offended by babies and cripples boarding planes.
    My wife has been a cripple for 30 years. Just hope and pray that you don’t have to undergo that experience every minute for 30 years!

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